Go Milk Double Toned Milk 1ltr

Go Milk Double Toned Milk 1ltr

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Go Milk Double Toned Milk

  • It has been processed with modern technology of Ultra Heat treatment
  • (UHT) thus giving it a long life and also kills all the germs
  • No Boiling is required
  • The packaging is 6-layered packaging which is sterile, tamper proof and provides 100% protection from adulteration
  • Net content of the pack is 1 litre

Nutrient Content

  • Full of calcium, high quality protein, it’s a great source of vitamin A, B2 and B12, as well as minerals
  • Double toned milk contains as low as 1.5 percent fat and thus helps to maintain cholesterol levels in body and keeping the heart healthy
  • A cup of double toned milk provides you as much as 7.7 g of protein. This milk contains high amounts of casein protein, which is easily digestible


  • Should be consumed within six months from the date of manufacture(unopened)
  • Consume within 2 days after opening(refrigerate)
  • Shake well before use
  • Do not buy if the pack is damaged or puffed.